Participating in the accreditation process offered by the Association of Recovery schools has several benefits. During the accreditation site visit and document review, recognized experts in the field of recovery schools will be providing feedback regarding research-based best practices and strategies to improve the quality of educational and recovery services. Based on the findings of the site visit and document review, the accreditation report will provide valuable feedback to school leaders and stakeholders regarding the current status of the school.  Finally, being an ARS accredited recovery school will ensure students and parents that the educational and recovery supports offered by the school are of high quality and have been evaluated by experts in the field.

Currently Accredited Schools

  1. Archway Academy
  2. P.E.A.S.E Academy
  3. Insight Program
  4. William J. Ostiguy High School
  5. Hope Academy

Remarks from Accredited School Leaders

Roger Oser from William J. Ostiguy High School –

“Completing the ARS accreditation process provided the Ostiguy school community opportunity to review and reflect upon all aspects of our school operations. The accreditation report has served as a roadmap for our continuous school improvement process. Participating in the accreditation process has not only strengthened the performance and growth of our school internally, but also proved invaluable in raising awareness about the recovery high school model externally in our community.”

Rachelle Gardner from Hope Academy –

“The accreditation process allows for all stakeholders to have a voice in celebrating what is working and what is promoting success for our students.  It allows for opportunities to work together to fill in the identified gaps and to develop a plan to strengthen our program.

This process validates our program, interventions and school community.  It allows us to share our best practices and to benefit from other schools and their programs that are a part of ARS. Once accredited, it is a great marketing tool as we promote our school and work to include more students, to fund raise, and to develop partnerships within our community.”

Michael Durchslag from P.E.A.S.E. Academy –

“The Association of Recovery Schools’ Accreditation is not an easy process but is incredibly valuable. It allowed the P.E.A.S.E. Academy team to really reflect on what we do well and areas that we need to strengthen. Having an outside organization to provide feedback is invaluable in this. Furthermore, it helped us bring all the stakeholders to the table: teachers, administrator, parents, and district personnel so that we can continue to improve how we serve students academically, in their recovery, and to insure institutional sustainability for the future.”

Sasha McLean from Archway Academy –

“The ARS Accreditation process is by far the most comprehensive and helpful process we have encountered in 12 years.  We have several other local and state accreditation sources but the ARS Accreditation was the most meaningful.  They understand the very unique and special task we have of melting education and recovery.  They looked at ALL aspects involved in making our school successful without leaving out any key areas.  The other accreditation processes only focus on one aspect of who we are.  The information we received from the team is the backbone of our strategic plan for growth.  Thank you ARS.”

Gretchen Harriman from Insight Program

“The accreditation process affirmed the positive aspects of our program that were consistent across all stakeholder groups, and provided constructive feedback for areas in which we partially met standards. The preparation for the accreditation process resulted in intensive professional development and exploration of student data.  As a team, we benefited from a unique form of program-level professional learning.”