Accreditation Process for Recovery High Schools (Andy Finch and Mary Jo Rattermann)

This video presents the Standards for Accreditation of Recovery High Schools, discusses the process for potential school applicants, and provides insight into the four core standards and the evaluation process that will be administered and managed by ARS.

How to Develop Amazing Student Leadership (Scott Washburn and Sasha McLean)

This talk walks you through a year of leadership and service at Archway Academy- through the eyes of our many student leadership groups (Student Council, Students of Congress, Random Acts of Kindness Committee). The school’s philosophy is based on the theoretical models of leadership and change, namely, the R. Greenleaf model of Servant Leadership (2002), Advance Changed Theory and, the Positive Community Norms approach.

Starting Recovery Schools (Rachelle Gardner, Traci Bowermaster and Jim Williams)

This talk guides you through the necessary components to start a recovery school. Also, various recovery school leaders discuss the challenges many schools face in developing an effective and successful recovery school.

Sustaining Recovery Schools (Sasha McLean, Roger Oser and Michael Durchslag)

The Recovery School is up and running and has survived the first few years of ups and downs. Ready for something more?  Struggling in a few areas and need some support and encouragement? Hear what is working in other parts of the country.

What the Research is Telling Us (Andy Finch and Paul Moberg)

The foremost researchers in recovery schools, Andy Finch and Paul Moberg, discuss what the research is telling us about effective treatment and approaches to treating adolescents with substance use or co-occurring disorders.